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Organize A Productive Day Of Team Building And Fun

Summary: Planning a team building day that simultaneously entertains and builds relationships among employees can be difficult; but if you choose the right venue it could be easier. Using the activities provided at a family fun center can build morale and productivity; here’s how you organize a day of team building that doesn’t sacrifice enjoyment.

It’s the middle of autumn, meaning it’s the last chance of the year to use the team building budget at work. But for many companies, this means just another day of thinly veiled training with little benefit and no lasting effect. This decreases productivity and ends up costing a considerable amount of money to the company. A manager must find a newer, more effective option of team building that will create actual camaraderie between employees rather than wasting more time and money.

We’ve found that highly effective places for team building are family fun centers. Not only are they a more affordable option than seminars, but family fun centers offer a day of fun and games that is sure to bring coworkers together and lay the groundwork for lasting bonds that will improve productivity and employee turnover. The following are tips for modeling and organizing each activity at a family fun center, with team building in mind.

Go Karts

The trick to creating a fun environment for team building is to minimize direct competition as much as possible. If you can, request to have the entirety of the track for your company at once. Then, stagger the go kart starting times so that no one is tempted to “beat” anyone else through the laps. Go karts are a great way to get some speed out of your system, and are sure to be a hit with the office!

Mini Golf

Mini golf is always one of the most popular attractions at a fun center because of its accessibility. Anyone can play mini golf, and as a nostalgic piece of Americana it can’t be beat. Organize your golfing parties to split normal groups up and get to know other people in the company, or select groups by choosing people from different departments. The absurd nature of the game will break the ice and the departments will comingle.

Arcade Games

The arcade is a great place to let your group do their own thing. Some employees may get sucked into the arcade games, and that’s great! Some employees may want to sit outside and enjoy the sun, that’s fine too. The arcade is a great time to relax and allow your team building group the freedom to interact as they choose.


Now, do not take these tips as law. If your employees thrive on their own and can enjoy themselves, by all means give them free reign! These are simply organizational tips for how to structure a productive and enjoyable team building day at a family fun center near you. Schedule a team building day, or call to ask about discount pricing, and see how a solid day of fun can boost morale and improve relationships.

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