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Laser Tag Designed for Fostering Team Building Cooperation

Summary: For a unique and exhilarating team building experience, utilizing the cooperative and team oriented nature of laser tag can be vastly beneficial. The following is a brief rundown of some rule sets and considerations to make sure the event is fun and productive for everyone involved.

Laser tag is regaining popularity as one of America’s favorite pastimes at family fun centers. The misconception, however, is that laser tag is only a game of point and fire. That wandering aimlessly through a manmade maze (albeit while enjoying carefree fun) is the only benefit of a laser tag excursion. This, aside from being painfully reductionist, does not paint the truest picture of the team building benefits available to savvy businesses that seek to use laser tag’s cooperative elements for their employees.

Not just simply a game of point and shoot anymore, laser tag’s proliferation of equipment has given rise to a number of game styles that foster cooperation and teamwork to achieve success. What better way to forge team building than through team matches that seek to utilize cooperation and multiple point tactics to defeat the other team? The following are some styles of laser tag team games that require cooperation and teamwork to succeed in; perfect activities for your next team building exercise.

For optimal success, allow all of your teams a period of deliberation or a planning phase between each round. Multiple games will be beneficial as a way to keep the participants on their toes, and increase the necessity of communication. These game formats are relatively easy to set up with most standard laser tag equipment, so consult your local family fun center and tell them your team building plans to see if they can assist in setting up the private games outlined in this article.

The Formats:

Base Match – Each team has a “base” area where there is a central target. Team members must work together to protect their side’s target, while coordinating attacks on the opponent’s base. Planning and reaction will win the day, as an imbalance on offense or defense could cost your team their target.

The VIP – The VIP match involves selecting a sole “VIP” member of each team. The VIP acts as sort of a moving “base” as highlighted above. Defense must be particularly flexible in VIP games, as adaptability and mobility is really the name of the game. Keep your target away from the other team, while keeping consistent pressure on theirs.

Capture the Flag – Just like the game of keep away from elementary school, players must coordinate runs to invade the other team’s base and steal their “flag.” Many laser tag equipment sets come with a functionality to steal a “flag,” but a real flag will do just fine. If the current flag-bearer gets tagged enough, they must drop the flag; thus the teamwork of attacking and then switching to VIP style protection is paramount.

Class Matches – Certain laser tag packs are fitted with support capabilities, such as granting more “health” or taking more tags before elimination. Careful utilization of the players with support abilities will mean victory.

Finally, remember to have fun. Spending a team building budget at a family fun center means that you understand freedom to play together (with attractions like mini golf, go karts, and arcade games) is what will forge real relationships between employees, rather than a boring seminar or ineffective training meeting. Don’t take the games too seriously, but encourage teamwork to win the day.

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