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Go Kart Racing is an Exhilarating and Accessible Motorsport

Summary: While go karting has always been a legitimate, money making motorsport in most European countries, it has taken a little longer to find its roots in US soil. However, go karting is now ripe for growth and new talent as amateur and professional leagues are appearing throughout the United States.

Go karting is a sport that is swelling in popularity at race tracks throughout the country; and not the ineffective, crawling go karts that some patrons are used to. These go karts are sophisticated machines that pack powerful concentrated engines capable of reaching 11,000 rpms and 40mph in just a matter of seconds. The speeds are blistering and the danger is real. However, go karting provides accessibility to motorsports that many Americans are racing to take advantage of.

Partly due to the inexpensive nature and partly due to the thrill of the race, go karting leagues are cropping up everywhere in both amateur and professional incarnations. The size of the kart enables greater accessibility for younger drivers who are not yet old enough to race on larger tracks. Also, go karting is a welcome hobby for kart racers that cannot afford to dedicate the time to larger Indy car racing.

Professional racers are being supported in states such as Indiana, Utah, and Arizona by large scale karting tracks. The tracks provide a way for go kart racers to network and promote their sponsors while honing their skills and making an impact in the amateur leagues. In the United States go karting is still a growing motorsport, unlike overseas where top kart racers compete in world class circuits for prizes numbering in the ten or hundred thousands of dollars.

For the aspiring kart racer, the “arrive and drive” mentality certainly survives in most amateur leagues. Getting a sample of what go karting entails really only requires showing up. Most tracks allow rentals for karts, as well as gear and lessons, to ensure that an amateur racer can fully experience go karting before they take the plunge into sponsorship and kart purchasing.

But, even if a new racer decides to give the lifestyle a try, there is a solid learning curve in terms of skill. Professional drivers are nimble and able to command their karts in speeds and turns that amateurs cannot fathom when they sit in a kart for the first time. But, with a little practice the skill can be attained.

If karting sounds like something that you would be interested in, your best bet is to practice the feel of the track and the sensation of racing at such a low height. Start by taking to tracks at family fun centers, or during free rides at professional kart tracks. Get used to the feel of a kart and get comfortable in your own skin, as they say. Bumping or contact of any kind is prohibited in kart racing; only raw speed and command of your machine will win the day. Nurture your skill to protect yourself and ensure a chance at victory.

Go kart racing is a rewarding amateur sport that is growing professional level attention in the United States. The motorsports lifestyle is exhilarating and competitive. If you believe the track may hold what you’re looking for, hone your skills and give an amateur kart racing league a try.

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