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Family Fun At Funtasticks

Parks are a great place for families to enjoy a quiet or a energetic weekend afternoon. Imagine that it is a Saturday afternoon. You take your family out and the atmosphere is great. Your young ones have brought some toys and some costumes for the various activities of the day. There is a lot of activity, and the environment is contagious. Other families are frolicking around, and the atmosphere is simply incredible. This is what parks do — bring out the best in families! Whether you are out for a quiet Saturday afternoon or a noisy day out, at Funtasticks Family Fun Park we have just the perfect set of conditions for you and your family to enjoy to the fullest because we’re all about family fun!

We are more than just a family fun park. There is a lot more to do than just walk around admiring the scenery and watching other families do the same, which is just dull and boring. If you came for a small family outing, there are places safely tucked away where you can have a slow Saturday afternoon to yourselves with the noise of the other revelers as a distant melodious backdrop. Saturday afternoon tends to be lazy, and if you want to be lazy too, you can be. Nothing beats relaxing in the breeze as you watch your young ones enjoy everything we have to offer at Funtasticks.

There is more to a park than just games. If you happen to arrive at the park for an event, you will definitely have yourself an event. Be it an anniversary, a birthday or any other important activity that needs commemoration, all you have to do is report to us and our professional staff will get to work getting things ready for your scheduled event. The best part is that you will not need to lift a finger. This is part of our services so that all you have to do is arrive and have fun!

Children love snacks. They like to nibble at things whether they are at school, in church or more importantly at our family fun park. There are many of these edibles and we keep churning them out.  In fact, it is not just about snacks, but a whole assortment of foods as well as drinks.

For your fun weekends or to celebrate a special occasion, come visit us at Funtasticks Family Fun Park for a memorable occasion! We’re all about family fun!

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