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A Simple Yet Rewarding Comparison Of Standard & Mini Golf

Summary: While it can seem fruitless to compare standard and miniature golf, an objective comparison can uncover some interesting truths. Though directly related and very similar, the stark differences between standard and mini golf would be the benefits and patrons of the respective games.


Miniature golf and standard golf are two things that are typically not compared. Due to sheer scope, some consider them to be too different to be interchangeably contrasted. However, let us play the devil’s advocate and stack these two sports up against each other with the hope of finding out something new about them individually.


The first and more glaring of differences between the two is obviously size. While both games typically include a course of 18 holes, a golf course can stretch to around a hundred acres of land, where a mini golf course is rarely more than one or two acres. This discrepancy in size offers some differences that go beyond just playtime.


The environmental cost in creating and maintaining a golf course is massive. The construction equipment and the landscaping upkeep alone are a huge impact. Adding in the gallons upon gallons of water used on a daily basis to maintain a specific color and bounce to the grass, and golf courses are a veritable black hole of environmental consumption. While mini golf courses do require a fair amount of construction to make, their size and artificial nature require little to no upkeep, making for a much smaller environmental impact.


In terms of exercise, standard golf blows its competitor out of the water. Studies have proven that people who regularly golf live longer lives than those who refrain from physical activity.  Also, the low impact exercise makes it accessible in even the more advanced ages.


However, taking up accessibility at a different angle, all participants tend to be on drastically different levels of experience in standard golf. Handicaps included, it’s hard for everyone to really compete in golf. In mini golf, however, everyone is relatively on the same playing field as the only real skill needed is putting. Thus, children at least have a shot at competing against adults in a shorter, more efficient setting.


Finishing the comparison at price, golf typically costs fifty dollars a player for 18 holes, on a high quality course. Mini Golf rarely costs more than ten dollars a player, making miniature golf far easier to play often with a relatively large group.


What we learn from these somewhat obvious comparisons is that their differences are where the strengths of golf and mini golf reside. Golf is a complete exercise that will be enormously beneficial as age advances. Golf is complex and rewarding as well. However, we see that mini golf has minimal negative impact on the environment. Mini golf is accessible and family orientated.


Standard golf and miniature golf are both great games. Although we cannot fully accept one and dismiss the other, we can stack them against each other to remember why we play them in the first place.


If mini golf is more your game than standard golf, there are many family fun centers that offer this form of entertainment. If you live in the Tucson, AZ area plan a visit to Funtasticks Family Fun Park. Check them out on line at http://funtasticks.com

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